Some things are worth the wait

January 28, 2011 By Russell Scarbrough

In 2002, I composed a tune for a sextet to have a trombone solo to be played by myself. The purpose of writing the tune was not because I was really looking for more solos to play, but because that year the Thelonious Monk Institute was having a trombone competition, and they had a category for trombone compositions, and I needed something original to submit (at that time, I was mostly arranging existing tunes). I didn’t win, but I liked how the tune came out anyway, and played it in that sextet format on my graduate degree recital.

This was the first original piece I wrote in my “personal voice”, going in the direction I really wanted to go with my writing. It is a fairly long form, 42 bars, in ABCDE form (basically through-composed), with a rhythmic refrain that occurs twice. I still consider it one of my best melodies. It was dedicated, as the title suggests, to my wife Kathy.

After almost 9 years, I have finally gotten around to arranging it for big band. I hope to program it, along with a number of original tunes, on a faculty recital later this spring… watch this space for details about that! Meanwhile, here’s a midi rendering of the arrangement for you to enjoy.