Online Composition/Arranging Lessons on Skype!

January 20, 2012 By Russell Scarbrough

I am now accepting students at all levels for Jazz Composition & Arranging lessons online via Skype.

I have a special offer of $25 for a first-time-only introductory lesson for 30 minutes, and I can accept payment with credit cards through PayPal.

Tech requirements for students:
Computer with high-speed internet access
Web Cam with microphone
Skype software (free version)
Adobe Acrobat reader (or the equivalent) for pdf files
Music notation software or scanner to upload written assignments

I can accept Finale or Sibelius, music xml, or pdf files. If your music is hand written, I can accept a high-resolution scan of your work (b/w, 300 dpi).

Interested students should click here.